Valid for purchases made in Ireland, the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands, the United States of America, the Caribbean, Canada or Mexico from an authorised Citizen retailer on or after December 1, 2014.

Our 5 year guarantee and additional one year extension on registration accompanies your purchase of a Citizen watch made through authorised Citizen retailers. Citizen CZ Smartwatches are covered by a 2 year guarantee and do not qualify for an additional year, however you may still register your purchase.

If you register your watch in the United Kingdom or Ireland, you are entitled to an extra one-year guarantee in these territories. For this extended period your watch will be covered under the same terms and conditions as the 5-year guarantee. Please note that proof of purchase is still required during this one-year extended period.

If you need assistance with registering your watch please use the Email for Assistance button at the bottom of the form or email


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