The Promaster Automatic Dive Collection

Citizen expands its mechanically powered offerings within the Promaster Dive collection with all-new Automatic Divers, including models based upon the NY004 series from 1989. Citizen’s legacy in dive watches dates back to 1959 with the launch of the Parawater, its first water-resistant timepiece. Through the years, Citizen has been pushing the bounds of innovation within the dive watch category, leading with depth gauge-equipped watches and in 1989, launching the Promaster line, a series of professional timepieces split into Land, Air and Sea categories.

More and more, young dive watch devotees are discovering the joy of a well-built, automatic timepieces — especially one that can be relied upon to function underwater, and also transition flawlessly to the city street for everyday use. In 2021, Citizen  debuted automatic watches within the relaunched Series 8 collection powered by the Cal. 0950 and 9051 movements. The story of Citizen’s automatic watches continues in 2022 with the debut of the Promaster Dive Automatic Collection.


The Promaster Super Titanium™ Dive Automatic

Powered by the Cal. 9051, the Promaster Super Titanium™ Dive Automatic is the first dive watch from Citizen to feature magnetic resistance of up to 16,000 amperes per metre — an impressive feat considering the average watch is resistant to only 4,800 a/m. In today’s digital world, this level of resistance to magnetism is crucial.

The Cal. 9051’s anti-magnetic properties don’t tell the movement’s entire story, however — this calibre can also be hand-wound via the screw-down crown, and features 24 jewels, a frequency of 8 Hz, and a 42-hour power reserve.


The Promaster Dive Automatic

Based upon the NY004 diving watch, the new Promaster Dive Automatic features an upsized, 44mm case that’s perfect both for serious diving, or everyday use. Inspired by a Fugu, the Japanese name for pufferfish, with its distinctive, serrated bezel and an engraving of a pufferfish on the case backs.

New improvements to the previous automatic dive watch series include the addition of sapphire crystal and a 120-click, unidirectional aluminium dive bezel in place of the original 60-click version, making for higher fidelity when timing bottom time, decompression stops, or any manner of events. Citizen has also brought back the fan-favourite, fully-lume version of the watch, featuring a dial completely coated in luminescent material for the ultimate in underwater or night-time visibility. Placement of the screw-down, setting-and-winding crown at 8 o’clock prevents it from digging into the user’s wrist, while the automatic Calibre 8204 running at 6 Hz provides roughly 42 hours of power reserve as well as a useful day & date display.